POLMO Gniezno Ltd specialises in precision machining and thermo-chemical treatment located in Gniezno, Poland. Our goal is to provide clients with services including turning, milling, hardening, carburising, nitriding, wet and powder painting, abrasive blasting, zinc phosphate coating and iron phosphate coating and small assembly work. The firm manufactures toothed elements for all industries spanning across automotive, defence, farming and industrial. Additionally, the production assembles both straight cut gears and helical gears. Our modern machinery allows us to produce diverse gear cuts, both internal and external. All work is carried out under our ISO 9001/2008 quality certifications.


1. Precision machining processes using technologies such as:

  • cutting,
  • turning,
  • milling,
  • shaft and gear hobbing,
  • broaching,
  • surface grinding,
  • slots grinding,
  • drilling,
  • spur and helical gears cutting,
  • spline rolling,
  • welding.

2. Thermochemical specialist treatment using technologies such as:

  • volume hardening,
  • induction hardening,
  • nitriding,
  • carburising.

3. Surface preparation for coating and coating application using technologies such as:

  • abrasive blasting for short and long components,
  • surface preparation through iron phosphate, zinc phosphate zirconium conversion,
  • powder painting,
  • air-blast cabin wet painting with high pressure pumps and traditional ones.


Over the last 40 years the company has refined its precision engineering process of metal components supplying final products to multiple industries. We’ve supplied automotive, mining, industrial farming and electronic industries, both in Poland and in international markets.

We are committed to our partnerships, implementing innovative production technologies and helpful support throughout. Our staff receives professional training to maintain the highest level of service standards, with client satisfaction being our goal.


  • various types of shafts, helical rollers, precision drilled rollers, spline drives with a length up to 800 mm,
  • spur and helical gears,
  • cast iron gears with spur teeth hardening (poland’s pioneering cast iron hardening technology),
  • casings and disks made from cast iron and steel,
  • custom made products using any of our machining processes.


To establish, maintain and monitor quality and to be in line with the market’s expectations, the company has introduced the following management systems:

  • Computer Production Management System (with MRP),
  • 5S System,
  • Quality Management Software enabled us to increase the product quality with wastage down to 500 PPM,
  • TPM Advanced implementation allows us to exploit our machinery at the efficiency rate of 90%.
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