Zinc Phosphate Coating is a chemical method used on steel parts as a foundation for subsequent painting. Its purpose is to serve as a coating base to form a layer of insoluble phosphates.

Zinc Phosphate Coating application process makes use of phosphoric acid and benefits from of the low solubility of phosphates in low pH solutions. Then the process continues with rinsing and drying (in a single process line).

The end- process coating is porous, absorbent and suitable as a conversion coating without any further treatment for the following powder coating. That process prevents the material from any corrosion.

The application of the zinc phosphate coating:

  • as a paint primer improving the corrosion properties and ensuring an adhesive features
  • as a temporary protection layer throughout transportation, storage, technological processes (waxing, passivation, etc.)
  • in conjunction with sodium stearate to form a lubrication layer in cold forging
Wanny z chemicznym przygotowaniem powierzchni
Wanny z chemicznym przygotowaniem powierzchni