The company is located approximately 20 minutes drive away from the S5 motorway. Our modern factory is equipped with technologically advanced machines, such as CNC Hyundai and CNC Mazak. Both of these serve as a foundation to implement high-tech projects tailored to individual needs. Our custom made service includes machining, turning, milling, hardening, grinding, and welding. Additionally, we assemble all the components on site.


POLMO’s strategy is focused mainly on manufacturing companies that need to outsource the production of interchangeable parts, which are added in sequence until the final assembly is produced. Our engineering and customer service teams collaborate to develop technology processes aided to monitor product implementation based on CAD construction drawings. By working closely with the contractor, we ensure that our business remains competitive, meeting the challenges of quality, precision and time.


We take responsibility for the design and manufacture of every casting and forging we produce. Our aim is to fully cover the end-to-end design and implementation process in order to monitor high quality and engineering precision. We accept responsibility for any wrongdoing in case of quality discrepancy.